It has always been that at the end of every year, the Council in collaboration with the technical services of MINADER and MINEPIA bring together farmers and livestock breeders to exhibit results of our research institute extended to them through our extension workers of the field.

Conscious of the part that agriculture plays in our economy, the rule of our Ministry is to transform subsistence Agriculture to second generation Agriculture by the year 2035 through the use of improved planting material, other farm inputs, mechanized farming to increase Farm size, improve on value chain (processing) and hence improve on yield for marketing. Our beloved Mayor is leaving no stone unturned to support farming activities in his jurisdiction to meet this goal. He went to every nook and cranny lobbying for his farmers.

All the farmer equipments to be distributed is through the hard work of Mayor of the Bamenda III Council. We thank the Bamenda III Council and the Mayor in particular for his relentless efforts towards the farmers of Bamenda III Sub-Division.

 Thank you our Lord Mayor. Thanks also goes to the Chief of Agricultural Post Nkwen, Ntasen, Ndzah, and all the other technical staff of MINADER in Bamenda III sub-division not forgetting executive of the farmers’ cooperative who in collaboration with the council have been able to assemble farmers from the four corners of the sub-division to come to this jamboree.


As concerns the distribution of the equipment, criteria’s was used only for sprayers. It was allocated only for gardeners and coffee farmers at random reaching the four corners of the sub-division. As concerns other equipment farmers were selected at random from the four corners of the sub-division. We did our utmost best in allocating the equipment to farmers. It was a very difficult task