Expansion and optimization of the Bamenda III Council purified water scheme

The Bamenda III Council water team has been at work expanding and optimizing the purified water scheme. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the German engineers who in the midst of all odds came to work and train the staff in the water Department. There was execution of expert output in the domain of water supply within this period from the base through the pipeline to the catchment and the public taps.

The new reservoir with a capacity of 200.000m3 compliments the former reservoir of 80.000m3 giving an aggregate of 280.000m3 with an increase water flow of 29m3 per minute to 40m3 per minute, this gives the reason why there should be no water supply as the only challenge we have now is excess supply over demand. Water filtration as of now is paused in the cause of the day because the two reservoirs’ capacity exceeds present consumption.

We look forward to extending our supply to other quarters within the Bamenda III Municipality