Procedure to lay a complain in the Hygienne and Sanitation Department

I)    The Control of tall dangerous trees in the municipality Procedure

  • The affected individual writes a complaint to the council addressed to the Lord Mayor.
  •  An abatement notice is given to the owner of the tree(s) to abate the nuisance within a given period depending on the risk and danger it may cause.
  • A reminder letter is issued if the notice is not respected.
  • Failure to respect the reminder letter, the council abates the nuisance at the expense of the owner.

II)    Control of stray animals Procedure

  • The animal is brought to the council with a written complain.
  • The two parties are called up to the council for dialogue.
  • A night spent at the council cost 1500 FRS.
  • After seven days if the animal is not collected, the animal is auction.

III)    Control of hygiene/sanitation Procedure that a complainer should follow

  • Written complain addressed to the Lord Mayor, comprising the following:
  • Five communal stamps;
  • Photocopy of current city builder’s card.
  • The complainer will take charge for the inspection of the site and transportation of the workers concerned.