Documents to be attached when pending payment for services rendered and supplies

   For a typical bill (services rendered and supplies) pending payment, the following valid documents are to be attached.


  • Jobbing order/ Administrative purchase order
  • Bill – 5% Registration
  •  Proforma invoice
  •  Delivery note (for supplies)
  •  Attestation of situation of materials
  • Synthesis form of need express by the services
  •  Process verbal (for supplies)
  • Reception support from technical service commission.


  • Certified copy of business licence
  •  Certified copy of tax payer ‘s card
  •  Non Redevance (three months validity)
  •  Attestation of bank account
  •  Attestation of localisation and location plan
  • Certificate of incorporation (business registration)
  • Certificate of non exclusion from public contracts
  • Registration power of Attorney

  N.B: All bills are prepared in five copies and they require communal and fiscal stamps are fixed on the originals.