The Guardian Post Achievement Awards

Bamenda III Council for the 3rd time (in a 5-year mandate) emerged Cameroon's Best Mayor of the Year. This distinction was conferred on Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe on the 4th of February 2012 during an annual award event that took place in Ebolowa in the South Region organized by The Guardian Post Newspaper.

It is no surprise to many that Mayor Fongu Cletus should be crowned Best Mayor for 2011. Barely 20 months in office, his works are visible on the field. He has opened up roads, extended electricity to quarters like Menteh and Mubang and brought water to areas like Town Green quarter. He has also assisted in the construction of classrooms and improved the health of his municipality through hygiene campaigns.

On the international scene, Mayor Fongu participated in the Gwangju 2011 Summit of Urban Environmental Accord which resulted in the twinning of both cities and financial support given to Bamenda III Council. While in Korea he made a stop in Suwon City. The result is the expectation of 10 Koreans to Bamenda III municipality in the month of February 2012 with school, office and agricultural equipment.

Apart from developmental projects, Mayor Fongu is a 'man of the people'. This can be seen in the way he interacts with his people. He is present with them in their happy moments like births and marriages and sad moments like funerals. His doors are opened to everybody. He receives people at all times even at the expense of his leisure. Mayor Fongu always works with the Press for the development of his municipality.

Bamenda III Council's Awards (within 5 years):

  1. 2007 Best Mayor: Late Prince Pius Ngwa Amandou (Pioneer Mayor for Bamenda III Council.
  2. 2009 Best Mayor: Late Prince Pius Ngwa Amandou
  3. 2011 Best Mayor: Fongu Cletus Tanwe