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Bamenda III Sub Divisional Council


LEGACY: Bamenda III Council water scheme

Bamenda 3 Council Admin, Wed 30th, Mar 2016, 11:45

Apart from opening up and maintaining roads in the Bamenda III municipality as well as laying out new residential areas, the Bamenda III Council water scheme has been described by many as the apex of Mayor Fongu's achievements. It started in 2012 with collaboration from Trinkwasser, Trier City, Germany.

This magnificent water purification plant which imposes itself from the hills of the municipality in Menteh Nkwen is now the talk of the town as some neighbourhoods are already consuming the highly purified water.

If water is life” as it is often said, it will not be an overstatement to say Mayor Fongu and his councillors have injected life into a lifeless municipality like the Bamenda III.