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Bamenda III Sub Divisional Council


Adoption of Administrative Accounts for Bamenda III Sub-Division Council

Trevor Package, Tue 12th, Jun 2018, 12:52

In accordance with deliberation of 20th April 2018. The Municipal Councillors of Bamenda III Sub-Divisional Council Nkwen deliberated in confirmity 2004/18 of 22/07/2004 section 30, with regards to the organisation of Councils and it subsequent modifications, adopted during their session in April 2018 in the Council Hall and adopted the administrative accounts for the financial year 2017. Total revenue collected for 2017 at 903,930,360FCFA, toatal expenditure for 2017 at 540,28,624FCA, theoritical excess revenue over expenditure for 2017. Real excess revenue over at 363,691,736FCFA. Expenditure for 2017 at 360.312.531FCFA.

NB; the Council experience an outstanding expenditure of five million three hundred and ninety one thousand seven hundred and twenty six francs (5.391.726) francs CFA taken on charge but not paid being guarantee retention for the construction of six classroomsin the Municipality done by three different enterprises

Download Bamenda III Council Administrative Account 2017