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Bamenda III Sub Divisional Council


Updates of the construction of a new resorvoir worth 200.000litres

The Bamenda III Council is currently carrying out the construction of the second Giant water Reservoir  with a capacity of worth 200m3 (200,000Litres) added to the former with a production capacity of  80m3(80,000litres).This added reservoir  will contribute greatly in optimizing the production capacity of the  water Purification plant.

The second reservoir will be of great importance to the council and the community at large because it will serve as a storage tank especially in bad weathers where filtration cannot be done as well as  sustain network and reduce shortages. Furthermore, with a construction of a basement plant through which a water pump is established, quarters with difficulties to access water due to their location altitude and height will have a steady supply of water.  

With the constrution of a site house and fenced wall,security is well assured