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Bamenda III Sub Divisional Council


Social Ammenities

Saint Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences

St Louis Clinic 
St Louis Clinic started in late 1994 in a rented garage. In 1995 to 1997, it was operated from a rented house and had nine beds. During this time land was acquired with loans and start-up capital from banks and support from Germany..LAYEH  International. The present St Louis structures were built and we have been adding one thing or another every year. Our gardens have been growing and a lot has changed over the years. 
The whole St Louis concept came into existence after an unfortunate incident in March 1993 in which an innocent citizen, Abondo Langvoue LOUIS, 29 years old and married with four kids was killed in a village of Ndiang in the East Region of Cameroon. I became involved by fate as I had to state the cause of death. St Louis is named in his honor and all the oppressed.



St . Louis University Institute of Health

Birth of The Training School… UNIHEBS. 
St Louis soon became very famous and grew by leaps and bounds. It was attacked on the negative front by many forces especially given that we preach the pro-life message and because some people never like to see the grass as greener across the fence. We soon realized that we had to increase our outreach into the communities and the nation by creating a school to train paramedical health personnel that are grounded in our core values.
We started a nursing school sometime in 2002 with 12 students. Today the St Louis Higher Institute which is changing to the St Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences has a population of about 880 students divided into six departments namely: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Therapy, Radiology, Medical Lab Sciences and Pharmacy Technology. Students are admitted with ‘A’ Levels or first degrees in other fields. They study for three years and graduate with a Higher Professional Diploma ..HPD.